Hi! I'm Morgan Bard

Mobile software/game development has been my passion from the age of twelve. Since then I have pushed myself to continue to learn as much as I can in this industry. Please feel free to contact me and ask about some of the current projects I'm working on!

What i do

My services

UI/UX Design

Game & Software Design

Product Design & Planning

Team Management & Organization

Game & Software Development

Debugging & Testing code


Checkout some of my past work


Dungeon Life | Mobile

While employeed at Design Interactive I had decided to begin working on a new personal project as a way to further my knowledge with Unity game development as well as keep up with all the current industry standards and changes in the space. To do this I decided to create a mobile AI-driven dungeon crawler with an emphasis on loot grinding mechanics.

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Monster-Codes | Mobile

Upon nearing the end of my degree program at Full Sail University, I was tasked with designing and developing software from scratch using as much of what I had learned as I could for my senior project. I had decided relatively long before this assignment had even begun on the application that I wanted to make and came straight into the project with the idea already documented and some early stages of design mockups. The idea was for a mobile monster collection game, similar to 'Pokémon Go' but focusing on transferring real-world information (Specifically barcodes) into monsters in the game.

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RaveZ | PC & Mobile

While doing my course studies at Full Sail University, I along with a small group, were assigned to create a working game from scratch within a three month time frame. Using the Unity engine, my team and I were able to create a working top down zombie game that focused on its ridiculousness. It featured “wacky” weapons which included shark guns, knife guns, gun guns, and others.

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Fresh Fishy | Mobile

Upon searching for a simple tap fishing game that allowed me to have an interactive experience with fish, I was shocked to learn there was none that met my exact needs. So, I decided to create my own. In my spare time between classes Full Sail, I used the Unity engine to develop a tap fishing game resembling older games such as Cookie clicker. I have done all of the code and a majority of the art myself as a way to increase my understanding of the Unity engine.

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The Run | Mobile

By the time I was in high school I had already known that I wanted to move my future toward developing software and games. As my my school did not provide any courses in development, I was forced to find alternative methods to learn the craft. I searched the internet and began to watch multiple YouTube series regarding how to use the Unity game engine along with C#. Through this method of learning, I was able to gain the knowledge and became proficient enough to produce a 2d Infinite Side-Scroller as my first real industry project. Upon completion, I released the game to the Google Play store. This app is currently no longer available due to Google Play store policy updates over the years.

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BizCodes | Mobile

While obtaining my Bachelors in Software Development at Full Sail University, I was assigned a project to create a working application. The time span given was one month. I decided to complete the task using software that I had never used before, Android Studio, with the idea of gaining more technical knowledge in my field. My application would have a user scan a QR code, or a Bar code, and then be able to save and/or perform the action of that code. This project enabled me to integrate a live database system into an application and taught me how to use certain functionality of different API's in order to create a final product.

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