Software Used

Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop

Language(s) Used


The Assignment

Upon reaching a "Portfolio Class" at Full Sail University, I was tasked with an individual project in which I was to create software from scratch within a one month time-span. The primary requirement for the product was to integrate an API into it. I decided on an app that would allow an individual to read something stored as a Bar code, or QR code. My idea came from the increased use of people putting such Bar codes on their business cards, and companies using them in advertisements. My app would allow people to scan the code and read the information it is providing at which time they can use the information as they see fit – such as storing any important information revealed on a business card.

The Final Product

During the month I learned how to better create wire-frame mock-ups and also how to better plan and prepare myself for creating different features. When the month had ended the application was in a fully working state which included the scanning and saving of both types of codes, database usage to save the codes to the cloud, an account system to allow people to see their saved codes on other devises, and the ability to copy results directly to your clipboard.