Fresh Fishy

Software Used

Unity3D, Visual Studio, Xcode, Adobe Photoshop

Language(s) Used


The Idea

Upon scrolling through the Google Play store I had been searching for a simple fishing app. I couldn't find something that fit my exact tastes and decided to create my own. Within an eight hour timeframe I came up with the base functionality of the game along with the main design.

The Features & Design

The main purpose of the game was to do two things. First, was to allow me to catch fish, and second, once I had the fish, I’d be able to store and interact with said fish. I accomplished this by creating two main scenes for the project, The Fishing scene in which you tap a button repetitively until catching a fish (similar to games like "Clicker Heroes" and "Cookie Clicker"), and the Aquarium Scene, where once you decide to keep a fish it will remain swimming around. I then decided to make some fish more rare then other fish. To do this I added a random system which made some fish more desirable then others. To increase the spectrum of the game and allow progression I added a currency system. This allows the player to sell the fish they don’t want to earn money. Then the money is spent on different lures that I made available in the ‘fish shop’. These lures were not only used to catch fish, they also made available new, better fish to be caught – which in turn you would then sell for more money and better lures.

The primary design theme I decided on for this project was cartoon/minimalist. I had some assets from a package I purchased years ago that had designs for a bunch of fish, which allowed me to generate a general theme and color scheme for my application. Apart from a few background elements and the fish themselves, all of the artwork was done by me personally in Photoshop with keeping to the theme a priority. I plan to follow the same principle in relations to the final music for the game, which is being done by an associate of mine.