Software Used

Unity3D, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop

Language(s) Used


Team Size


Personal Role(s)

Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Lead Animator, Sr.Developer

The Plan

Upon entering Full Sail University's "Midterm Project", I along with a group of individuals were tasked with creating a game. We were given a three month period to develop it from scratch utilizing Unity, which only two of us had experience using. The idea of a 2d top down zombie game came to us quickly.

Learning Teamwork & Setbacks

As this was the first time many of the members had worked in a team to develop a project, we were charged with first learning how to properly delegate and communicate our ideas and work with each other. And while we were continuing to do this, some members of our team were switch out due to conflicting schedules.

Two weeks into the project, and about halfway through our first milestone, the scope of the project was changed from a 2d game to that of a 3d game. The project became much more daunting not only because we had to start over with time already lapsed, but also because I had never worked with Unity for a 3d game prior to this.

This project taught me major lessons that have to do with teamwork; it showed me the benefits of shared knowledge which enable you to learn new skills; it made the decision making more intricate with different viewpoints being offered. But it also taught me that when working in a group you need to stay equally on top of all members, being sure that your work is not the only work you’re concerned with. Because regardless of how good your piece is produce it’s of little consequence. The only important factor is the complete project. The sum of the whole.

The Product

My team members and I were very proud of our final product. Although the game was not in a finished state to allow us to publish it for others to play, it was an impressive compilation of all of our collective effort.

After the project was done and the deadline was reached, while presenting our project alongside other midterm projects and other final projects, our team was asked to show our game at a private venue off campus alongside the final projects. From what we were told this was the first time they had asked a midterm project to be shown and was only due to the fact that our project was comparable in their eyes to the work of students who were graduating.