The Run

Software Used

Unity3D, MonoDevelop, Adobe Photoshop

Language(s) Used


The Idea

From the age of 12, my passion has been to go into the game/software industry. To follow my dream, it was necessary for me to seek out non-conventional avenues of learning, and the internet became my research tool. "The Run" was the first game I had ever worked on. By searching out like minded individuals already experienced in the field, I was able to watch and learn, slowly developing my skill set in the development field in relations to C# and Unity engine. In using these two applications, I was able to piece together different parts of each series in order to make a product that met all my needs at the time of development.

The Final Product

After absorbing myself in viewing multiple web-series I was able to, design, develop, craft and release my game. It is available on the Google Play Store for android for free. While my development and coding skills have improved and become more advanced this game is still an intricate part of my journey and one I will always be proud of.